My name is Mike Park , I am a property Manager for Coldwell Banker, I have > used Doug Nielsen and Rocky Mountain Sweep clean a number of our shopping > center location, we have been very happy with the service they provide. > They also have a wide variety of other items they offer like power washing > buildings and sidewalks, and painting parking lots strips. The RMS group > provides quality service at a very fair price.

Coldwell Banker, Mike Park, Broker Associate & Property Management | Grand Junction, Colorado

We had our shopping center set up on a reoccurring schedule to sweep our parking areas. Rocky Mountain Sweeping & Striping were able to get our parking lot looking good in no time. We have also found that less trash is thrown into the parking lot now that we have it on a maintenance schedule.

Mike T. Property Manager for THF Realty

RMS Inc. exceeded our expectations on re-striping our parking lot. Our lines used to be uneven when you looked down the rows. They took the time to make sure all the lines were the same length. We also had them add some additional “NO PARKING” areas to store front which has helped out tremendously with people parking where they shouldn’t.

R. Barry Property Owner

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